Troppo Magic


About Troppo Magic

Troppo Bob delivers a refreshing mix of verbal and visual comedy along with friendly good–humoured audience interaction and amazing magical experiences. Suspend your disbelief and enter into an experience that is sophisticated enough for adult audiences while still appealing to children of all ages.

Troppo Magic brings you classical magic effects that have been enjoyed by audiences for years, as well as the latest innovations in magical entertainment.

Our goal is to entertain and in so doing to allow you to suspend reality and find release from the pressures of life. Our performances are developed so that they contrive to bring enjoyment to a wide variety of audiences.

“Good performers are hard to find! Troppo Bob was a great addition to our event, entertaining children and adults with clever magic and what would have been the fastest ballooning modelling on the coast.”

Richard Old, Manager Tourism and Marketing, Great Lakes

Who is Troppo Bob?

Troppo Bob has been entertaining all age groups for over 30 years with his multi faceted and flexible magic based performances.

Troppo Bob is most well known on the Mid North Coast of NSW where he regularly performs for Corporate Functions, Family Birthday Parties, Shopping Centres, Clubs, Child Care Centres, Schools and Community Events. Troppo Bob has performed internationally and often makes the services of Troppo Magic available for charity organisations.

Like many other developing magicians Troppo Bob is continuing to improve his range of entertainment. At performances where there are mostly adults or teenagers Troppo Bob is happy to share with you his experiments in the complex skills required for mind reading. Currently Troppo Bob is able to determine events with the assistance of card reading, he can accurately see who is telling the truth by reading body language and for the mind reading he is assisted by a highly trained piece of fruit.

Troppo Bob's animal and other assistants

All the animals are hand trained (except for the fish) and enjoy being patted by the audience. Troppo Magic combines themes for circus and magical entertainment. Each of the animal assistants believes that they are the star of the show!

  • Fluffy the rabbit often performs her own road safety demonstration.
  • Marmot the guinea pig is concerned that she is having a bad hair day.
  • D For Dove enjoys having her photo taken when held by an audience member.
  • Flash the dog is a Portuguese Water Dog who is keen to audition for a role in television.
  • The gold fish are just cool.

Cookoo The Cockatoo (children's performances) performs a magic trick with a piece of rope and has been known to make Troppo Bob look like a ventriloquist dummy.

Cookoo The Cockatoo shares his responsibilities with 4 other “unreal animals” who are all part of the group known as “Postal Puppets”. Cookoo's companions include:

  • Frank Frog (children's performances) who is very interested in the environment and appears to be distantly related to Kermit (he enjoys telling jokes).
  • Kevin Koala (children's performances) can't bear to be called a bear and attempts some amazing and dangerous magic tricks.
  • Pat Possum (performs for all ages) is a hyperactive vegetarian who is almost as well trained as Flash the dog.
  • Secret agent Orange (performs for all ages) is not any kind of animal but he is able to perform mind reading. He is quite appealing and thick skinned.

“Troppo Bob has performed at our store on a number of occasions, and we are always keen to invite him back. His performances always create a buzz. The kids love him and the parents do too! His spontaneity and energy are matched by his professionalism, a rare combination in this industry. The best entertainer in our region.”

Sammi Cambray, Events Coordinator, Bunnings, Port Macquarie
Troppo Bob and Troppo Bob
Troppo Bob and Troppo Bob
Troppo Bob Pirate With Cooko The Cockatoo
Troppo Bob with Cookoo the Cockatoo
Magical animal assistants Fluffy the rabbit and D for Dove
Magical animal assistants Fluffy the rabbit and D for Dove
Troppo Bob With Cards And Wand
Troppo Bob with magical cards