Troppo Magic


Troppo Magic's performances

Our audiences are guaranteed an exciting, humorous, interactive and memorable experience.

The performances are designed to meet your specific needs, and incorporate the most appropriate combination of magical entertainment to leave the audience amazed and mystified.

Types of performances include:

  • Children's Parties — 45 minutes of action packed interactive magic followed by roaming magic and balloon modelling. Every child receives a free balloon animal.
  • Family parties (for adults and family groups with children).
  • Corporate/business functions.
  • Shows for older audiences (including nursing homes).
  • Club entertainment for adults or children.
  • Product promotions.
  • Fund raising events/fetes.
  • Shopping Centre Shows and roaming performances.
  • Educational presentations.
  • Church functions and school scripture events.

No matter what type of event you have planned Troppo Bob is able to design a performance to suit your needs. Don't forget that Troppo Bob has been entertaining all age groups for over 30 years with his multi–faceted and flexible magic based performances. So no matter what the age group or the setting there is a good chance that Troppo Bob has done it before and can deliver for you.

Presentation styles

Performances are designed to meet your needs and can include a combination of the following:

  • Family or children's shows in any setting you chose, the comedy is never at the expense of audience members (volunteers become the true stars of the show) and all the material is clean.
  • Stage presentations the illusions and the comedy just get bigger.
  • Floor shows (similar to the stage act but is closer and able to be performed amongst the crowd).
  • Close up roaming magic where Troop Bob makes the magic happen right in front of your eyes and even in your guest's hands.
  • Busking style street performances.
  • Drawing attention to your product or service — just make sure there is enough room for the crowd.
  • Workshops: The workshops are hands on and fun. The skills are easy to master if you are 5 years of age or older. All materials for the teaching workshops are provided by Troppo Bob for groups of up to 30 participants. The workshops introduce participants to the basics of:
    • Magic performance using cards and coins
    • Juggling using juggling sticks and 3 balls
    • Balloon modelling

Troppo Bob provides a battery operated P.A and microphones. All materials (including balloons) are also provided in the cost.

Troppo Bob With Cards And Wand
Troppo Bob with magical cards
Troppo Bob Performs
Troppo Bob performs to a crowd