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Troppo Magic news Magical news from Troppo Magic Tue, 05 Aug 2008 05:59:12 +0000 en Web Site update Tue, 05 Aug 2008 02:51:43 +0000 Troppo Bob This update is really Troppo Bob practising how to use his new news page on the updated website.

I hope you are enjoying this updated website with new photos and information about What Troppo Magic and Troppo Bob are providing in regard to comedy magical entertainment.  This website and the previous one were constructed by Dylan Fogarty-MacDonald from Sea Creature New Media.  He is able to perform magic in Cyberspace.  If you would like Dylan to design a website for you you can email him on

As Troppo Magic gets more organised we are learning  some new magic effects and replacing the old Toyota Troop Carrier with a Hi Ace Van (much more comfortable and economical).  The sign writing for the van will be completed soon.  The other big purchase is a mobile stage that is attached to the side of large enclosed trailer.  This is being constructed as I write and will enable even better presentations at outdoor events.

Well thats all for now.  If you are checking out the website send me a message from the contact page and let me know what you think.

Troppo Bob and Chris in the U.S.A. Sun, 03 Aug 2008 04:26:47 +0000 admin In April and May 2008 Troppo Bob and Chris travelled to the USA. We hired a car and joined into the cultural experience of life in the fast lane for 6,700 mile across a large portion of the west and central USA.

Experiencing Magic performances and visiting magic shops was a major emphasis of the trip. So apart form visiting relatives in San Diego and Minneapolis which was most enjoyable, we took in plenty of entertainment between visiting numerous sites of interest like a the Grand Canyon (this is a very large hole in the ground), a metro crater where astronauts practised for walking on the moon, the petrified wood forest, Monument Valley, parts of Route 66 including standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona (Eagles song monument), Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore monuments. We crossed the Rockies 2 times and travelled along the west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles and even drove trough a tunnel in a giant Redwood tree.

Apart form some top class magic performances the most amazing of the other amazing things we experienced was the “Mammoth Site”. This is a sink hole caused by a land collapse above a limestone cave. This resulted in a pool of water with vertical stone sides about the size of an average suburban building block or a reasonable size farm dam. This happened a long time ago when there were animals like Sabre Tooth Tigers and Mammoths walking around. Over a long period of time a lot of these animals and some others either fell in or went for a swim in the water and could not get out and drowned. They have become fossilised in one small area.

Eventually the sink hole dried up and was covered by soil and there was no clue that it was there and full of fossils. The town of Hot Springs developed near the sink hole and eventually a building developer was preparing for a housing sub – development when a mammoth fossil was uncovered. The only place where there are fossils is this one small area which may as deep as 20 meters. The site was set aside for research. A building was constructed over the sink hole and it is an active archaeological dig. In the summer you can walk around on the indoor board walks and watch as people carefully unearth the fossils. You can see the half exposed fossils that are currently partly exposed. This place was just as amazing as any magic performance I experienced on the trip.

I guess the preceding is a quick overview of the general tourist aspects of the trip. When it came to magic the USA has a lot to offer and I expect there would be more than I was able to connect with.

We arrived in Los Angeles and took a shuttle bus to the Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood. By staying at his reasonably priced and very comfortable motel we were able to gain entry to the adjacent Magic Castle Private Club without taking out an expensive membership.

Dinner and multiple shows for 2 nights at the club was a great way to start our adventure. The Club is a bit like what you see in a Harry Potter Movie. You gain entry from the foyer via a secret opening passage in a bookcase. We saw 3 performances each night made up of combinations of intimate close up magic in a specially designed theatre (about 20 seats), a top class mentalist show, close up at a table next to a bar and perhaps the highlight was seeing Kevin James do his full stage show both nights.

Kevin James is famous for his cutting in half routine that he performed on “Americas Got Talent” and is able to be viewed on YouTube and below. It was such a privilege to be part of the audience to experience this full stage show for 2 nights straight.

If you plan to go to the Magic Castle you should consider staying at the Magic Castle Hotel. We did all our booking on the internet and were even given an upgraded room on arrival. It is one block down the hill to Hollywood Boulevard and all the standard Hollywood tourist sites. We could even make out the Hollywood sign through the smog.

This story will continue with an overview of our time in Las Vegas, Nevada. 4 days of non – stop walking and entertainment among the poker machines and bright lights.