Troppo Magicpresents‘Troppo Bob’

‘The Ultranormalist’

One of Australia's world class comedy magical entertainers.

What is an Ultranormalist? A unique title which attempts to describe Troppo Bob, who is anything but normal; a world class comedy magical entertainer who combines a unique group of entertainment skills including magic, illusions, comedy, mind reading, juggling, puppetry, ventriloquism and live animal productions. The result is amazing, mystifying and really funny.

Performances are available for a wide range of settings and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Feedback from very satifsied clients can be summarised as follows:

“Entertaining, inclusive, interactive and engaging audience participation with humour… the smiles on faces says everything.

“What I have for you is a curious collection of assorted anomalies and impossible probabilities, dramatically designed to confound and create wonder for the reasonable rational mind. I invite you to lose touch with your reality and join me on a journey into the world of illusion.”

—Troppo Bob