Troppo Magic

Presents - Troppo Bob, The "Ultranormalist"

TROPPO MAGIC presents Troppo Bob "The Ultranormalist"

One of Australia's world class comedy magical entertainers.

Flea Circus and Old Style Medicine Show

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Come along and see the Wonder of Wonders - Troppo Magic's Inclusive Flea Circus.

This is no ordinary circus, but a wide range of Arthropods performing amazing daredevil feats.

Performers include:
The super powered Arnold Swartzaflea
The death defying Fleavil Kenevil
Florence the Flirtatious Flea on the high dive.

And let's not forget:
Fred the Fruit Fly
Henry the Head Lice
or the swarm of Mutated Mongolian Mosquitoes

Don't miss these marvellous madcap performers in miniature!
Performances are available for a wide range of settings and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Troppo Magic
PO Box 6, Crescent Head NSW 2440

Phone: 0422 155 859

A.B.N. 16 922 413 490
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