Troppo Magic

Presents - Troppo Bob, The "Ultranormalist"

TROPPO MAGIC presents Troppo Bob "The Ultranormalist"

One of Australia's world class comedy magical entertainers.

Home Theatre and Fund Raising Events

This entertainment option is an excellent opportunity to provide a top quality family (children and adults alike) or adult entertainment (without the kids) experience while simultaneously raising funds for your community organisation.

Troppo Bob – The Ultranormalist – provides a style of interactive engaging comedy magic entertainment that you would expect at any first class entertainment event. Troppo Bob roams the audience presenting close up magic wonders prior to presenting his one hour comedy magical extravaganza.
Performances are available for a wide range of settings and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Troppo Magic
PO Box 6, Crescent Head NSW 2440

Phone: 0422 155 859

A.B.N. 16 922 413 490
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